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What our customers are saying about
New York Manufacturing.

New York Manufacturing thanks our customers and strategic alliances for their continued support and business!


Rubbersidewalks, Inc.
Makers of Rubbersidewalks and Terrewalks

“New York Manufacturing is exceptional in its ability to deliver traditional craftsmanship, reliability, and high quality—along with the innovative thinking demanded by a company like mine.

We have been able to chart new territory in the field of recycled products because of the talent of New York Manufacturing. They have been ready, willing, and able to work with us to acheive our goals—no matter what the challenge or obstacle. They have gone the distance, time and time again, beyond what any customer could hope to expect.

Most of all, they gave us superior, hig-performing, and problem-free equipment—and that’s what it’s all about.”

Lindsay Smith,

Defense Contract Management Agency

“I have been personally associated with your outstanding Small Disadvantaged Business, Minority/Woman-Owned, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned company for many years.

Your ethics, quality of work &service is to be commended. Nothing but superior craftsmanship will go out the door to their customers, and I may add, satisfied customers!

I recommend as Asst. Director for Small Business for the Dept. of Defense/DCMA Syracuse that New York Manufacturing is already in my preferred list of small business companies that I am proud to recommend to all large & small contractors, be it government or commercial entities.”

Ralph L. Vinciguerra, Asst. Director for Small Business,
Defense Contract Management Agency, - Syracuse

Metro Circuits

New York Manufacturing takes ideas and routinely finds ways to cut the costs in half by improving my designs. They do more than simply make my parts, they always take the time to understand the end use of my parts, and collaborate to make sure I have the right total solution.

On the rare occasion my parts are not quite right, they have gladly fixed them, sometimes even when it was a design error that was my fault! I consider them a partner in solving my problems.

New York Manufacturing gladly consults with me on problems I am facing even when a project does not mean work for the company.

I found New York Manufacturing when trying to source parts that several other vendors had “no-bid”.

New York Manufacturing doesn't seem to know the word “can’t”.

They always finds a way to make my often difficult parts.

Peter Blokhuis, Process Engineering Manager

Independence Industrial Products, Inc.

“New York Manufacturing is a valuable supplier and the people you want to call when you need help or are looking for a solution to a problem. The quality of work is excellent. They are fast and pricing is great. New York Manufacturing is my first choice. Thanks again for all your help!”

Tony Zamiara, President
Independence Industrial Products, Inc.


“Being a molder of high quality die cast fasteners with short lead times, we at Southco rely heavily on New York Manufacturing for short turn around times on mold repairs. We also rely on New York Manufacturing to do production welding on new products, and some fabrication of special work stations. New York Manufacturing is one of only a few to be on our preferred vendor list, due to quality, pricing and delivery.”

Dave Schultz

Blue Chip Mold, Inc.

“Once again you’ve bailed me out. How the hell you fixed that hole on the speculum just amazes me. It came out very nice, saved me untold worry and expense. Also, we finished the other job last night. We will be stars when we deliver it this morning. I couldn't have done it without your help. If you ever need my help with anything, anytime, just pick up the phone and call. I owe you big time!”

Paul Engert, Owner
Blue Chip Mold, Inc.

Dayton Rogers NY

“New York Manufacturing has been a key supplier to Dayton Rogers for years. New York Manufacturing’s industry knowledge and creativity has allowed us to participate in projects that would have been beyond our reach just a few years ago. The highest compliment I can pay to New York Manufacturing however, has nothing to do with any specific skill Sal’s firm has demonstrated to Dayton Rogers, even though they have been considerable. To me, the reason we continue to grow our business relationship, is because the ethics that NYMFG has demonstrated in all of our dealings has been beyond reproach.”

Peter Scott, General Manager
Dayton Rogers NY